Band Sampler,

MEK, United Kingdom, 1732

(left) front of 1732 sampler initialled MEK
(right) reverse of 1732 sampler initialled MEK
sampler size: 14½" x 8½" • price: $1200

A beautifully made band sampler, this is initialed MEK and dated 1732 and is most likely Scottish. The large GR flanking the crest of crossed swords is the abbreviation for George Rex, King George II. 

Notably, this sampler is worked reversibly so that the back is just about as beautifully finished as the front. Beginning at the top, the first row is the alphabet, and the next two rows are ligatures, a form of combined letters. It continues on with beautifully worked larger alphabets and the last three rows of letters may be initials or further practice letters. 

The crowns and coronets symmetrically placed with letters below them likely refer to Duke, Earl, Lord, and Baron. In a small near the bottom are the initials it is signed, “MEK 1732 AG” - the second set initials likely those are her teacher. 

The sampler is unframed and worked in silk on mustard colored linen that retains a slight glaze. The condition is excellent with some minor fade and a very small worn area just below the crest.



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