Jane Wheaton

England, 1824

sampler size: 15½" x 11¼" • framed size: 17¾" x 13¾" • sold

We are particularly taken with this fine sampler for the wonderful and classic allegorical image of the lady leaning into the very large anchor, which is entitled, “HOPE,”. Stitched just under her, is the appropriate advice, “Hope in the Lord and he will Deliver thee in the day of Adversity.” This specific image of Hope can be found on samplers and silk embroideries made in England and northern Europe, as well as in the United States. The obvious maritime reference likely points to a coastal origin for the sampler. 

The register below is a finely worked depiction of Adam and Eve with the serpent wending his way up the tree. A flock of tiny dark brown birds fly above with a delightful swag of a garland of flowers, tied with bowknots, embellishing the scene. A beautiful ochre lawn below supports a pair of classic English lions with their curly tails. 

Signed, “Jane Wheaton’s Work June 21 1824,” the sampler offers extremely fine needlework throughout. 

Worked in silk on wool, the sampler is in excellent condition and has been conservation mounted into a burl and molded wood frame.


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