Ann Hix

Wisbech, Cambridgeshire,
England, 1777

sampler size: 16¼" x 13" • framed size: 18¼" x 15" • sold

Signed, “Wrought by Ann Hix At Wisbech November The 22 1777,” this sampler is a beautifully worked and classic 18th century example. The many motifs include a fine portrayal of Solomon’s Porch, potted plants and flowers, birds, trees and a pair of dogs. 

Additionally, Ann stitched two verses: 

What Signifies It That You Learning Gain 
And Unto Greek And Latin Both Attain 
If Still You Want True Virtue of the Mind 
The only Ornament of all Mankind

See How The Lilies flourish White And Fair 
See How The Ravens Fed From Heaven Are 
Then Never Distrust Thy God For Cloth And Bread 
Whilst Lilies Flourish And Ravens Fed

Wisbech is located in the northern part of Cambridgeshire, the nearest city is Norfolk. The town is noted for its wonderful Georgian architecture, particularly the fine houses along the North Brink, including the National Trust property of Peckover House and the Crescent, a circus surrounding Wisbech Castle. 

On February 2, 1767, Ann was baptized at St. Peter’s Church in Wisbech, an historic Anglican church founded in the 12th century. She was the daughter of William and Sarah (Spurr) Hix who were married there in 1766. In 1797, Ann married Thomas Hewitt, also at St. Peter’s Church. 

The sampler was worked in silk on tan linen and is in very good condition with some slight loss to the linen and a few lost stitches to the wording. It has been conservation mounted and is in its original frame.

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