Amelia Powell

England, 1829

sampler size: 18" x 10½" • framed size: 22¼" x 14½" • price: $3800

We find this English sampler, with its many excellent pictorial elements, to be very appealing. Central to the composition is a wonderful house with its deep pink diagonal path providing perspective. Details such as the gate that leads to the pink path, the diamond decorated masonry and the paneled front door provide further interest. The two little flocks of sheep add to the graphic interest in the upper corners and two gentlemen with canes (or are these shepherds tending to the sheep?) are tucked into the nearby lineup of pine trees. 

The sampler is signed and dated, “Amelia Powell Oct 9th 1829,” inside a cartouche with delightful animals nearby – a fat rabbit and bird, many little birds, deer and a very skinny animal that’s hard to identify. Stitched along the top, outside of the border, is the advice, “Pray without ceasing,” which we have seen on other English samplers.

The sampler was worked in silk on wool and is in excellent condition. It has been conservation mounted and is in its original birds-eye maple frame with a gilt liner.


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